Take Bright and Vibrant Art Pictures for Instagram

Here’s a 5 minutes video to show you how I take pictures of my artworks.

I take pictures for Instagram and for my Online Shop in the exact same way.
No difference.
While if you want to know how I record my videos click here.

What I use to take pictures:

– A white background
I use a wooden board, painted white, as a base for the pictures
If you have a white wall, that’s the easiest way to go, otherwise you can also use a white piece of paper or a white cloth.
As long as the background makes the artwork the centre of attention of your picture, it’s ok. 

– Your phone 
I use an iPhone, but nowadays phone cameras are all great, and unless you need to take pictures for printing, your phone camera will do!

– A Color Story App (link to the App Store)

I use this app as it allows me to bulk edit loads of pictures at the same time and it’s pretty handy when I have to prepare pictures for my Online Shop

– And obviously your artwork
Make sure the artwork is perfectly dry and light doesn’t reflect on it. 

Enjoy the video!


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